Permanent Sales Post <3

Sale Rules:

Granted sales permission 22/09/14 by entirelycliched
My feedback is here: <3
I ship from the UK
Shipping will be in a bubble mailer by default. Bigger/fragile items may require a box. Cards will be shipped in a toploader, in an envelope.
I ship minimum of once a week, potentially more depending on my work schedule.
Please be clear if you asking for a quote, or committing to the item.
After giving a quote, I will hold for 24hrs after which, the item will go to the next interested buyer.
If you commit to a sale and then back out, negative feedback will be left.

Haggling (within reason) is ok.
I am open to (and prefer) trades. My wants list is (currently under construction!)
Prices are in USD and do not include shipping unless stated
Once the parcel leaves my hands, I am no longer responsible for it. I always obtain proof of postage and keep them for 1 month.

Welcome to my permanent sales post. This should be updated monthly if all goes to plan, so keep checking back!

Shiny Mega Gengar plush (hang tag creased) - $12
Tomy recall Rayquaza plush (MISSING AN ARM!!) - Free with purchase.

Mega Gengar deck box, with 2 dividers. I of course took it out of its package when I received it (oops), so it is practically brand new. - $5

62 Double crisis sleeves (packets opened, originally 64 sleeves) - $6 for both or trade for a small selection of other sleeves.

Lightly used Pikachu cover plates for New 3DS. Used but I also keep my Ds inside a pouch as well, so practically perfect. - $10

Gengar Chou Get - $3, Mega Gengar Moncolle - $6, White Kyurem Rumble U figure - $10

Vaporeon Mega Blok - $2, Cyndaquil ‘Lamin Card’ - $1, Cyndaquil pin in a pokeball - $10 (or trade for a Typhlosion one)

Trettas $2 each or $10 for all Gone: All Gengar

Rare coins (I’m still a little unsure what they are, I’ve only seen one other lot for sale) - $5 each (Squirtle, Electabuzz, Blastoise, Seel, Zapdos, Pinsir

Mew TCG pin - $1
Vaporeon pitapoke figure - $1, Swampert/Sylveon PT straps - $8 each, Copper Goomy metal collection figure - $4 Cyndaquil mini figure - $2 (mystery dungeon cyndaquil unavailable), Wartortle keshimon - $4, Sableye Halloween charm - $8, Cyndaquil battle coin - $3. Charms all $1 except Goomy $4 and Christmas Reuniclus $3

Gengar backpack. (Absolutely wonderful condition, some small amount of pilling on the felt ears, and a teeeeeny thinning patch by the top left of his mouth. But excellent condition given his age. As much as I’d love to keep this lovely, I already bought one from the excellent Yuwaku_kun not long ago. - $15

TTO Pokemon Time Gengar. Perfect condition. I really love the style of him, but the fabric just doesn’t do it for me $35 obo (those willing to pay full price get priority).

TTO Delphox Pokedoll - $15

Jaks throwball Drifloon $5, Cyndaquil squishy figure - $4, Cyndaquil friends plush - $15

Minicot List

I list of minnicots I still need along with their corresponding number on the base.

  • Bulbasaur (1)

  • Charmander (3)

  • Charizard (4)

  • Squirtle (5)

  • Pikachu (7)

  • Growlithe (11)

  • Eevee (13)

  • Vaporeon (14)

  • Jolteon (15)

  • Flareon (16)

  • Snorlax (17)

  • Pikachu (28)

  • Ho-oH (38)

  • Torchic (43)

  • Mudkip (45)

  • Swampert (46)

  • Absol (52)

  • Latias (54)

  • Rayquaza (58)

  • Jirachi (59)


My new and improved wants list. Ordered somewhat by Pokemon type. Items in bold are my grails! I am primarily a Fire and Ghost type collector with a few others for balance <3

Main Collections:
Cyndaquil normal spriteTyphlosionGengar  sprite from Black & WhiteDrifloon normal spritepumpkaboo_oras
Side collections:
Magikarp RaikouWooper

Any non-flat customs are always welcome, I love all kinds of plush, phone charms, jewellery, keyrings, small sculptures, stationary etc


Above anything. This Typhlosion coin bank is my BIGGEST GRAIL of all time! If you have one for sale/trade or know where I can get one, please, message me <3

Metal Typhlosion figure (any colour) *GRAIL*

Fuzzy Typhlosion figure *GRAIL*

Pumpkaboo Can Badge

type focus mug.jpg
Ghost/Psychic type focus heat change mug - Grail


A small selection of pins to give you an idea, but I'm looking at most available pins and metal charms etc. Send me an offer!

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So, this first post is just a little one to introduce myself and add links to all the places on the internet that I can be found!

Tumblr (Art blog):
Twitter: @SammieRivers

So, hi!! I'm Sam/Sammie/Samantha, a graduate Biologist living in the Northwest UK. I'm a avid squash player and Pokemon fan and firmly believe that most things can be sorted out with a cup of tea :)