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May 8th, 2016

Permanent Sales Post <3

Sale Rules:

Granted sales permission 22/09/14 by entirelycliched
My feedback is here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/leave/?user=peppermmints <3
I ship from the UK
Shipping will be in a bubble mailer by default. Bigger/fragile items may require a box. Cards will be shipped in a toploader, in an envelope.
I ship minimum of once a week, potentially more depending on my work schedule.
Please be clear if you asking for a quote, or committing to the item.
After giving a quote, I will hold for 24hrs after which, the item will go to the next interested buyer.
If you commit to a sale and then back out, negative feedback will be left.

Haggling (within reason) is ok.
I am open to (and prefer) trades. My wants list is (currently under construction!)
Prices are in USD and do not include shipping unless stated
Once the parcel leaves my hands, I am no longer responsible for it. I always obtain proof of postage and keep them for 1 month.

Welcome to my permanent sales post. This should be updated monthly if all goes to plan, so keep checking back!

Shiny Mega Gengar plush (hang tag creased) - $12
Tomy recall Rayquaza plush (MISSING AN ARM!!) - Free with purchase.

Mega Gengar deck box, with 2 dividers. I of course took it out of its package when I received it (oops), so it is practically brand new. - $5

62 Double crisis sleeves (packets opened, originally 64 sleeves) - $6 for both or trade for a small selection of other sleeves.

Lightly used Pikachu cover plates for New 3DS. Used but I also keep my Ds inside a pouch as well, so practically perfect. - $10

Gengar Chou Get - $3, Mega Gengar Moncolle - $6, White Kyurem Rumble U figure - $10

Vaporeon Mega Blok - $2, Cyndaquil ‘Lamin Card’ - $1, Cyndaquil pin in a pokeball - $10 (or trade for a Typhlosion one)

Trettas $2 each or $10 for all Gone: All Gengar

Rare coins (I’m still a little unsure what they are, I’ve only seen one other lot for sale) - $5 each (Squirtle, Electabuzz, Blastoise, Seel, Zapdos, Pinsir

Mew TCG pin - $1
Vaporeon pitapoke figure - $1, Swampert/Sylveon PT straps - $8 each, Copper Goomy metal collection figure - $4 Cyndaquil mini figure - $2 (mystery dungeon cyndaquil unavailable), Wartortle keshimon - $4, Sableye Halloween charm - $8, Cyndaquil battle coin - $3. Charms all $1 except Goomy $4 and Christmas Reuniclus $3

Gengar backpack. (Absolutely wonderful condition, some small amount of pilling on the felt ears, and a teeeeeny thinning patch by the top left of his mouth. But excellent condition given his age. As much as I’d love to keep this lovely, I already bought one from the excellent Yuwaku_kun not long ago. - $15

TTO Pokemon Time Gengar. Perfect condition. I really love the style of him, but the fabric just doesn’t do it for me $35 obo (those willing to pay full price get priority).

TTO Delphox Pokedoll - $15

Jaks throwball Drifloon $5, Cyndaquil squishy figure - $4, Cyndaquil friends plush - $15



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